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The Bo Pura Foundation 2021

We know how difficult or challenging life can be!  It might be that a relationship breakdown or a bereavement has sent you into a downward spiral that you have found hard to climb out of or it may be that life, in general, hasn’t been kind and you can’t seem to get a foothold to pull yourself up. Having suffered a breakdown, leading to clinical depression, in the 1980s due to a combination of having to become a carer for her mother after a life-changing illness and having her husband walk out on her, Jilly, the founder of Bo Pura, knows all too well how hard life can be and what a struggle it is to carry on sometimes.

It was always Jilly’s aim, after having succeeded in establishing Bo Pura as a leading anti-ageing skincare brand, to set up The Bo Pura Foundation, to help others achieve their dreams by providing a bursary which, each year, will give the recipient a fully paid for educational course to allow them to achieve the first step on the ladder with which to launch their career from.

This year’s training course is being provided by Facethetics Training Ltd, one of the leading North West training centres of excellence for the beauty industry.

The course is a VTCT Level 2 Award in Facial Massage & Skincare

Here is what Facethetics Training Ltd say about their course;-



At Facethetics we believe in not only delivering excellent theory and practical but setting you up to succeed by sharing the wealth of experience that our Educators have of this industry. We will ensure that you leave with those gems of knowledge that will make you stand out. 

Our VTCT Level 2 Accredited Qualification in Facial Massage & Skincare is a wonderful introductory pathway into facial therapy, incorporating skin knowledge and practical skills. 

The training provides you with opportunity to gain and develop the skills required to provide manual facial treatments. Successful completion of training and assessment will enable you to:

  • Prepare for provision of facial treatments
  • Provide consultation services to determine your clients skin health needs and requirements
  • Perform manual facial treatments suitable for a range of skin types and conditions
  • Make recommendations to ensure your clients maintain the effects of treatment
  • Maintain records and working area

The course schedule as can be found below in more detail:

  • Initial Induction includes a 1-2 hour introductory meeting either face to face or over skype/phone.
  • Member Area log in
  • Module access
  • Practical Day 1
  • Practical Day 2
  • Exam

Find out more about the course by following this link;-

Completion of this course would allow the recipient to;-

Deliver facial treatments on a range of skin types and skin conditions and qualify the recipient to confidently assess the skin and deliver consultations to clients. The recipient will have the knowledge to formulate specific treatment plans to suit the clients skin concerns.

This course forms the basis of becoming a professional Facialist, which can lead into holistic qualifications or more advanced aesthetic skin training depending on how you see your pathway. It opens the doors in the beauty and skin industry as it is an accredited qualification.

To apply to be awarded the bursary for 2021 please fill in the application form below.  The Bursary will be awarded in September 2021. Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions Apply;-

  1. Applicants must be 18 or over.
  2. Please only apply once per person. 
  3. The successful Applicant must agree to finish the course within the time specified by the training company or they may be asked to refund part or all of the cost of the course.
  4. The successful Applicant must be agreeable to signing a contract with Bo Pura Ltd to cover the duration of the course.
  5. The successful Applicant will be required to travel to Liverpool for the course induction and practical training sessions of the course.
  6. Please note that Bo Pura Ltd pay for the course only and cannot be responsible for expenses involved in travelling to Liverpool or any accommodation the Applicant might book whilst training for the course.
  7. Please also note that Facethetics Training Ltd are only providing the course and are not responsible for the application process or for travel/accommodation expenses of the Applicant. Facethetics Training Ltd should not be contacted in relation to The Bo Pura Foundation Bursary 2021.  For any enquiries please email us on [email protected]